Below are frequently asked questions about visiting our office.


What insurance types does the lab accept?

We currently accept PPO, POS and MEDICARE.


Will my insurance cover a sleep study?

Sleep Wellbeing will verify your insurance benefits and notify you prior to your appointment if you have any patient responsibilities and what that will be, if any.


How soon will I be able to schedule an actual sleep study?

We are often able to schedule you the same week. We are open every day, and run three beds nightly.


How should I prepare for my sleep study?

Patients should continue taking any prescribed medication, unless instructed otherwise by a physician. Patients should eat dinner before coming in for the sleep study. There will be no snacks allowed during the procedure. Patients should avoid caffeinated products, including sodas and chocolate. Napping should be avoided throughout the day. (A child may take a mid-day nap and infants may take their regular naps). Patients should wash and dry hair before arriving (avoiding hair products, gels, or body lotions) and keep make-up to a minimum.

Any hair extensions must be removed prior to sleep study. One adult is required to stay with any patient under the age of 18, even if one of patient’s parents is having a sleep study the same night. If the patient appears ill (e.g. congestion, fever), they may be asked to reschedule. Once the sleep study is started, all books and toys must be put away and cell phones turned off. Patients need to give family members the sleep lab phone number in case of an emergency.


What should I bring to the sleep study?

Patients should bring something comfortable to sleep in (preferable 2 piece sleepwear), a change of clothes to go home in, toiletries (such as toothbrush/toothpaste, hairbrush/comb, etc.). If the patient is a child, bring pacifier, sippy cup, bottle, formula milk, snacks, diapers, wipes, or any other needed supplies. Patients can also bring their favorite pillow, blanket, teddy bear, doll, DVD’s, CD’s, books, etc.


Do I take all of my regular medications on the day of the study?

Yes, unless notified otherwise by your physician or Dr. Ludlow, the medical director. Patients are responsible for bringing their medication. However, NO medication will be administered by the night technician.


Do I need to bring my own CPAP machine for my study?

No, we will use the in-house equipment here at the lab. However please bring your mask with you so that the technician can see what you are currently using.


When will I know the results of my study?

The analyzed data will be reviewed by one of our Board Certified Sleep Specialist. The results of the sleep study will be available approximately 3-5 business days following your sleep study. Our Sleep Specialists are available to schedule an appointment to review the results. Patients will be notified when the results have been sent to the referring provider as well. Results should be reviewed with your physician or in consult with our sleep specialist.


What is the Serenity Sleep Lab cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or re-schedule, please contact us three days prior to the sleep study date or you will be subject to a cancellation fee.


Can I get up during the study to use the restroom?

Yes, the monitoring unit is portable.


Can I have any alcoholic/caffeinated beverages the day of my study?

Please do not have any alcoholic or caffeinated beverages after 12 pm on the day of your study.


If I need a CPAP machine, how will I get one?

The Sleep Wellbeing center will work together with the referring physician to set you up with the necessary equipment using your Insurance Carrier to guide them.


Will I get a male or female technician the night of my study?

It is at your discretion. We have both male and female qualified technicians on staff.


What is ASMR and can it help with my sleep?

We have found many patients use ASMR videos, on YouTube, to help them to relax before they attempt to fall asleep. The results for many seem very promising and we would recommend you try it to see if it works for you.

You can also read more about ASMR at ASMR FAQs.